Xiaomi Aqara N100: “smart” door lock with a fingerprint scanner, NFC chip, smoke detector and a $ 162 price tag

Xiaomi announced on the Youpin crowdfunding platform a new product under the Aqara brand for a smart home.

What is known

We are talking about the Aqara N100 door lock.It has a shock-resistant black metal construction with a fingerprint scanner. It was built right into the handle. In addition, the lock was also equipped with a touch display with a dial, a new smoke sensor, an NFC chip for opening the door using a smartphone and a bell.

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The new product, of course, supports the Mi Home and Aqara Home smart home systems, and is also compatible with Apple HomeKit. Aqara N100 is powered by 8 batteries that come with the device.

Price and when to wait

Xiaomi's new door lock will cost $162. It is unknown when it will be available for free sale.

Recall, the manufacturer is preparing for the presentation on November 5, which will show the Xioami CC9 Pro smartphone (aka Mi Note 10), the smart TV Mi TV 5 and the smart watch Mi Watch on Wear OS.

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