Xiaomi asks users to return Pocophone F1 smartphones because of problems with the screen

In mid-June, Xiaomi released the latest MIUI firmware with number for Pocophone F1 smartphones. But after that

update companies have to return “broken” gadgets.

What happened

The fact is that some updated Pocophone F1s have problems with the screen. The display freezes, does not respond to user presses, or works, but with a delay.

Head of Pocophone Alvin Tse (AlvinTse) admitted that there really is such a problem. But to find out what really happened, Xiaomi needs to study and test such smartphones.

Therefore, owners of Pocophone F1 with a “junk” screen are encouraged to send their smartphones for testing. But email in advance[email protected]you must send your user ID, contact informationinformation, description of the problem, video or screenshots demonstrating the failure. If this particular device helps Xiaomi solve the problem, its owner will be contacted and further instructions will be explained.

Perhaps users will be given new smartphones as compensation.

Let's remember that Xiaomi is launching the Mi Pilot MIUI program and is looking for Pocophone F1 owners who agree to test Android Q.

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