Xiaomi brazenly copied Apple's Memoji

We have become accustomed to the fact that the American brand Apple is one of the most frequently copied. And in principle

we can not be surprised when we see similarby design smartphones or similar user interface. However, we cannot fail to notice how the Chinese manufacturer Xiaomi very boldly copied one of the main features of the iOS platform - Memoji.


The Chinese company Xiaomi is preparing to launchThe new smartphone CC9, and along with this, the company introduced a new feature called "Mimoji". Obviously, the name itself is very similar to the “apple” analogue of Memoji. Moreover, besides the similar name of the feature, its essence is the same: these are three-dimensional avators, which the user can personalize at his discretion for further use.

No wonder xiaomi avatars havea striking resemblance to avatars and customization options offered by Apple, down to the same accessories and styles. IPhone owners can create and customize their Memoji, and then send them in the form of videos or stickers in messages. It looks like Xiaomi's Mimoji will work in the same way.

Of course, the idea of ​​personalized three-dimensionalAvatars have long been known, and companies such as Samsung and Microsoft have allowed users to create their own digital versions for use on smartphones, consoles, and other places. However, Xiaomi's decision to name its version of this idea Mimoji was clearly inspired by Apple.

It is worth noting that this is not the first timewhen Xiaomi copied an idea with smiles from Apple. Last year, the company released an analogue of Animojis from Apple on its Mi 8 smartphone. This device also strongly reminded in terms of the design of the iPhone X with a cutout and a vertical camera with two lenses. There was also a clone of AirPods, released by Xiaomi earlier in 2019.

Xiaomi CC9 smartphone with new Mimoji function onboard will go on sale in China on July 5th. An interesting fact is that the manufacturer itself denies that Apple has cloned Memoji: “We conducted internal audits and found no evidence that our Mimoji characters [were] plagiarized by any of our competitors, including Apple. "