Xiaomi closes stores and may cancel presentation of Mi 10 flagships due to coronavirus in China

In China, continues with the deadly coronavirus, which has already made its adjustments to the work

technology companies. So, Xiaomi will have to quarantine for a while.


The company announced that, due to the virus, it will close its stores in China from tomorrow. Previously, they will resume work on Monday, February 3 - unless, of course, the situation worsens.

The company’s statement said that such a decisionadopted "in connection with the epidemic situation, in order to cooperate with the government at all levels, for prevention and a comprehensive response to the situation in the country."

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At this time, the Chinese can buy gadgets online on the Xiaomi website or through the Xiaomi Mall application. Delivery of orders works as usual, as does the support service.

What's up with Mi 10

But Xiaomi also has on its nose the presentation of the Mi 10 flagships, which are due to debut in February-March.

Insider Xiaomishka writes that because of the coronavirusmass events are canceled in China, therefore, Xiaomi may also refuse to present the flagship family. At least from the presentation in the usual sense. Instead, the company can organize an online premiere so as not to lose time.

Recall the outbreak of the disease was firstrecorded at the end of December 2019 in the Chinese city of Wuhan (Hubei Province). At the moment, there are 81 dead and 2835 sick. The epidemic has already gone beyond China: new cases of the disease are recorded daily in Asia, USA, Australia, coronavirus has already reached Europe.

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