Xiaomi Crane Touch Sensor - Save Water

The company continues to make our life more comfortable and better! This time we will talk about the sensory attachment on

Xiaomi tap, which will not only make life easierbut also save a few cubes of water! The water supply is controlled by infrared sensors. The device has high autonomy and overflow protection. I think many people are interested in the novelty, let's proceed to a detailed review of the Xiaomi Smartda Induction Home Water Sensor.

Xiaomi Touch Sensor Nozzle

I will say right away - this attachment is really extremelyconvenient and useful thing in the household, even though you need to get used to it. You do not need to constantly turn on the water supply, just hold your hands to the nozzle and the sensors activate the pressure. The response speed is only 0.25 seconds. In the process of work there is aeration - water saturation with oxygen. This makes it softer and reduces consumption.


Consider the principle of operation of the nozzle. It is equipped with two sensors at once, which makes it possible to diversify application scenarios.

Bottom sensor

He is responsible for the temporary supply of water and runningas follows: they put their hands up - the head is activated, removed, the jet stops. If the hands are in the area of ​​the sensor for more than 20 seconds, the water supply will be automatically stopped. The sensor responds within 10 cm.

Side sensor

Response area: at a distance of no more 5 cm. Spent near the sensor - a constant water supply was activated (it works for 3 minutes and automatically turns off), held again - the nozzle stopped working.


Xiaomi crane attachment has excellent autonomy. Built-in battery allows the device to operate on a single charge of about 6 months (depends on frequency of use). Charging takes place via a standard micro USB connector.


  • Model Zajia Automatic Sense 100021910070
  • control takes place through a special microprocessor MCU
  • working pressure 0.05 ~ 0.8 MPa
  • water consumption 0.07 l / s
  • maximum water temperature 75 ℃
  • IPX6 moisture protection level
  • autonomy up to 6 months, charging time 3 hours
  • nozzle dimensions 60x34x49 mm
  • weight 105 grams

Installation process

The manufacturer took care and put it in a box withMultiple adapters with a touch cap, so that you can install the device on any tap, and it is really convenient. Here is a list of adapters that are included:

  • M20 with internal thread
  • Female thread M22
  • G1 / 2 female thread
  • M20 male thread
  • M22 male thread
  • M24 male thread

Picked up an adapter suitable for your crane,installed it on the crane. Next, take the very nozzle and tightly fit on the adapter. That's all, the device can be used. For removal (and it will be needed when charging), a special key is provided.

Personal impressions

Xiaomi faucet touch nozzle in useabout 2 weeks, and I am pleased with her work. Sensors work well and without delay. You need to rinse your hands or wash the fruit - use the bottom sensor for short-term supply of water. For washing dishes it is more convenient to use the side.

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Smartda Induction Home Water Sensor Nozzlepersonal observations, it does not work correctly with a shallow sink or a large number of dishes in it. This greatly increases the number of false positives and leads to excessive nervousness of the hostess. Be sure to keep this moment in mind.


Nozzle is inexpensive - in the area $ 15-20 including delivery to Russia. Works his money at 100%, definitely can be recommended for purchase. Easy and convenient! Below are shops where you can buy a Xiaomi tap nozzle.

Link to the nozzle