Xiaomi develops a “smart” scarf that can be controlled using a smartphone

There are so many products missing from Xiaomi’s assortment, and now another unusual product has arrived - the “smart” Smart scarf


What it is

For now, this is just a patent “Smart scarf and a method for controlling it” with application number 201010365323.8, but knowing Xiaomi’s love for all such unusual things, it is possible that by winter it will already be on sale.

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The fact is that during the cold season people oftenThey adjust their scarves: when it gets cold, they pull it tighter, when it gets hot, they loosen it. But Xiaomi found these steps too complicated and came up with a scarf that controls the temperature itself and is adjustable around the neck.

All thanks to temperature sensors, infraredheater and control unit with miniature electric motors located inside the scarf. At first glance, this is an ordinary scarf, but in fact it is a “smart” accessory that changes temperature and tension depending on the weather outside.

You can control the scarf using a smartphone via Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. The main thing is not to be hacked.

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