Xiaomi does not give up on Poco smartphones. But Pocophone F2 Don't Wait Yet

Recently, there have been rumors in the network that Xiaomi may abandon its sub-brand Poco in favor of the younger

and the more successful Redmi division. The fears were unfounded, because with the release of the Pocophone F1 has been almost a year, and about his successor can not hear anything.

However, a Poco spokesman in an interview denied these rumors.

What they say

According to him, Poco is independent from Xiaomibrand, and the company does not interfere in its affairs. In fact, only technical support and logistics services are related to Xiaomi Poco. Therefore, no one is going to change Poco to Redmi.

What's up with the Pocophone F2?

Despite this, wait for Pocophone F2 to exitsoon not worth it. The fact is that the team at Poco is small, so now all the forces are focused on improving the Pocophone F1. It sounds, of course, strange, because the smartphone (suddenly someone has already forgotten) for almost a year.

For example, the other day the owners of the Pocophone F1 receivedthe latest update MIUI with the PEJMIXM number of 269 MB, which brings the June security patch. Also, with the help of the firmware, they eliminated some problems, including delays in reaction to touch.

Therefore, the Pocophone F2 will be released at best at the end of the year, and most likely next year.

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