Xiaomi Ecosystem: 10 smart Viomi / Yunmi gadgets for home and kitchen that you haven’t heard of

The Xiaomi ecosystem includes more than 100 technology startups, which the company has helped get on their feet. Among

They have several large suppliers responsible for entire product lines. These include Foshan Yunmi Electric Technology Co, a manufacturer of smart appliances under the Viomi brand.

How it all began

Yunmi founder Chen Xiao Ping withIn 1999, he worked for home appliance maker Midea, where in 2013 he headed the development department. In early 2014, Xiaomi became interested in working with Midea, and Liu De (Liu De), who was responsible for the development of the ecosystem, meets with Chen to discuss possible joint projects. After hearing about the expansion of Mi Ecosystem, Chen Xiaoping talks about plans to start his own business. He is invited to Beijing for another meeting with the head of Xiaomi Lei Jun.

After successful negotiations, Chen Xiaoping leavesMidea and in May 2014 creates a company Yunmi (云 米). In the summer, Xiaomi is investing in a new partner, and a year later the first joint product comes out on the market - a compact water filter with a reverse osmosis system, Mi Water Purifier. He stood out with a minimalist design (for which he even received an IF design award) and was worth quite reasonable money (about $ 210 at the time). Since then, Yunmi has been releasing water purifiers for Xiaomi. She also developed the Mi TDS Pen water quality tester and the Mijia Smart Home Kettle smart kettle.

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In the summer of 2016, the company launched the Viomi brand andbegan to simultaneously promote its own line of products without the Mi logo. And it’s not just filters—Yunmi has chosen smart home appliances as its main focus. This is how branded smart refrigerators with displays, washing machines connected to the Internet and a kitchen hood with “artificial intelligence” appeared, which, using a camera, determines the intensity of the steam flow and selects the optimal power:

Viomi devices can merge into onesystem and interact with each other, and to control using the application on your smartphone. The “smart” part has become a strong point of the brand, while at the same time, Yunmi does not have many years of experience from traditional manufacturers. She needed money to grow fast. In September 2018, the company entered the IPO and raised $ 102 million. Yunmi investors themselves valued at $ 1.87 billion. Today, Xiaomi owns a 17.1% stake in the partner, and its associated Red Better Limited fund owns a 16.3% stake (a total of 33.4% is obtained).

Viomi / Yunmi has not yet moved to actionin foreign markets. Vendors on popular online sites are also not in a hurry to sell dimensional equipment, but we managed to find smaller gadgets. We will tell about them in this material.

1. “Smart” electric kettle Viomi Smart Kettle (YM-K1503)

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A close relative of the already mentioned kettleXiaomi is available in black and in a slightly modified design - an OLED-display appeared on the handle to display the water temperature. Viomi Smart Kettle can work in heating mode with four preset profiles from 50 ° C to 90 ° C. It is easy to switch between them by pressing the Warm button, and in the mobile application you can set individual temperature conditions. The international model with euro plug works through Mi Home (only if the country of the European region is selected in the settings).

You can choose from two heating options: boiling after cooling water to a specified temperature or maintaining a predetermined level. Due to the outer shell of plastic water remains hot for a long time. Inside, stainless steel is used with markings from 0.5 to maximum 1.5 liters. Full Viomi Smart Kettle boils in about 5 minutes.

The function of turning on the kettle from the smartphone was not delivered. In the following models we are waiting for full integration with the "smart" home and remote control.

Cost: $ 56. Want to buy!

2. Viomi Robot Vacuum Cleaner (VXRS01) Robot Vacuum Cleaner

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The first cleaning robot in the Viomi lineup supportswet cleaning function and equipped with a powerful motor with 1200 Pa. The vacuum cleaner has got two side brushes that sweep away dirt to the suction inlet. There is no central roller for combing debris from carpets. After cleaning the main dust and dirt Viomi Robot Vacuum Cleaner can be sent to wipe the floors, securing a special water tank (200 ml) with a damp cloth. With the help of a gyroscope and other sensors, the assistant builds a map of the room and remembers where he has already gone.

The Chinese version of the Viomi VXRS01 supportssynchronization with the proprietary application, but the owners of the international version will have to restrict the remote control out of the box. The built-in battery at 2000 mAh (about 30 Wh) provides up to two hours of operation. With a low charge level, the robot vacuum cleaner goes to the docking station itself. He recognizes obstacles in his path and does not fall off the steps.

A more advanced model of the vacuum cleaner V2 is equippedA full-fledged navigation system based on a laser rangefinder and connects to the Viomi Robot application (App Store / Google Play). For unknown reasons, sometimes synchronization does not work, and the company has not yet been able to solve this problem.

Cost: $ 220. Want to buy!

3. Desktop heater Viomi Countertop Heater (VXNF01)

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Not the most relevant gadget with the onset of heat,but the beauty of the Viomi Countertop Heater is that it can work like a regular fan. When it is necessary to warm up, the heater supplies warm air, maintaining a constant outlet temperature (under 40 ° C). Good all year round! The creators of the device is clearly inspired by the design of Dyson fan heaters. Additionally implemented body rotation mode. There is also a tipping protection system - when the device is tilted by more than 40 degrees, the power is automatically turned off.

The power of the Viomi heater is 600 watts. No "smart" functions and applications are provided, there are only two buttons on top and a switch on the back side.

Cost: $ 34. Want to buy!

4. Thermopot Viomi Smart Water Heater

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A device with a capacity of 4 liters works inOne of three modes: without heating, warm water (40-90 ° C) and hot (up to 100 ° C). The exact temperature value is set either using the touch buttons on the top panel or in the Mi Home application. The Viomi Smart Water Heater is additionally equipped with a TDS sensor for water quality and alerts the user at high levels of hardness / contamination. Highly located spout allows you to pour liquid directly into a bottle or a compact thermos. The child protection system blocks the work of the thermopot after each use, and before starting a new heating cycle, you need to hold your finger on the luminous lock for several seconds. There is no adjustment of the portion size, the water supply is stopped by pressing the drop button again.

The main features are available on the touch panel, andControl from a smartphone in this case is rather a pleasant addition than a necessity. If you decide to play with the settings of Mi Home, to add Viomi Smart Water Heater in the application, you need to select the Chinese region.

Cost: $ 113.90. Want to buy!

5. Thermos mug Viomi Stainless Vacuum Cup

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Portable thermoses - the most popular productsViomi on AliExpress. The company offers two models: Stainless Vacuum Cup for 460 ml and miniature Portable Thermos with a volume of 300 ml. Both here and there a flip cover with a button and a spout for drinking is used. She easily understands and washes. The top of the case is covered with a special paint so that it does not leave fingerprints and traces of dirt. The stainless steel bulb inside has a heat-reflecting copper coating for better heat retention. In tests at room temperature, boiling in thermos for 24 hours cools to 35-37 ° C. In turn, the cold remains cold for a long time.

Need something more roomy? Then you might like the 1.5-liter Viomi Steel Vacuum Pot. A nice thermos kettle is equipped with a convenient lever for filling liquid, only it is not blocked at all and it will be difficult to protect against accidental clicks in your bag / backpack. Thing rather for stationary use.

Cost: from $ 13.20. Want to buy!

6. Compact water heater Viomi DF01

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The water heater is installed under the sink atkitchen or bathroom. The volume of 6.6 liters is enough to wash your hands or dishes. The special design of the enameled tank with the minimum number of seams and the thick magnesium anode ensure a long service life of the boiler, and the dense insulation layer retains heat well. The 1500 Watt Viomi DF01 can heat water up to 75 ° C.

The manufacturer has taken care of protection against dry heat, overheating and excessive pressure. The water temperature is set by turning the knob on the top panel; no “smart” functions of the mini-boiler were dispensed.

Cost: $120. Want to buy!

7. Aromatiffusor Viomi Aromatherapy Diffuser

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Viomi aroma diffuser works like a regular oneultrasonic air humidifier. The compact gadget’s capabilities are not enough for serious humidification, but its main task is to spread a pleasant aroma throughout the house. Water and a few drops of essential oils added under the influence of a vibrating membrane are split into small particles and carried out in the form of cold steam.

Viomi Aromatherapy Diffuser is equipped with a colorbacklit and works like a night light. There were several versions on sale: with physical buttons, an additional speaker for playing music from a smartphone, but now only the “non-speaking” model with touch controls remains. On the case there are three buttons and mode indicators. You can change the evaporation rate, turn on / off the backlight and set the off timer after a certain time.

Cost: $ 30. Want to buy!

8. Filter jug ​​VioMi MH1Z L1 with UV sterilizer

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Feature of this water filter— an additional cleaning step using a UV lamp. The sterilization cycle is started by pressing the touch button and lasts two minutes, after which the lamp automatically turns off. The system is powered by a built-in 940 mAh battery, which is designed for 40 cycles. For charging, a Micro USB port is used, hidden behind a rubber plug. The total volume of the jug is 3.5 liters. At the top there is a cartridge resource indicator (inside the latter there is activated carbon obtained from coconut shells and other materials for high-quality filtration).

If there is any doubt about the effectiveness of UV cleaning,Viomi also offers a regular version of the filter in white with half the price tag. The standard delivery set includes one cartridge, additional ones are sold in sets.

Cost: $ 46. Want to buy!

9. Odor Absorber for the refrigerator


As conceived by Viomi engineers, the accessory shouldinstalled in a special groove in the company’s “smart” refrigerators. Although this is not a prerequisite. Left in the corner of the shelf, it will also do its job. The main thing is not to block the ventilation holes so as not to interfere with air circulation. For example, in a refrigerator with NoFrost technology, the absorber can be placed next to the blower system.

How it works? The filter due to plant phytoncides suppresses the development of pathogenic bacteria and helps to eliminate unpleasant odors. It can be used in the zone of freshness and even in the freezer (it is not clear why). The resource is enough for the whole year.

Cost: up to $ 9. Want to buy!

10. Electric toothbrush Viomi VXYS01

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Most Chinese electric toothbrushesbrands have their own application for collecting statistics and flexible mode settings, but Yunmi decided to start small and released a “stupid” model. It belongs to the class of so-called sound brushes with a vibrating cleaning head. The frequency of oscillations of the bristles can reach 31,000 per minute. The only button on the case switches modes, there are five of them: standard with maximum speed, delicate cleaning (suitable for beginners), gum massage, whitening and polishing teeth.

The duration of cleaning does not change and is2 minutes. Every 30 seconds the brush reminds of the transition to the next zone of the oral cavity. The case of the Viomi VXYS01 is IPX7 water proof. The built-in 2000 mAh battery provides up to three months of operation on a single charge (at the rate of two cleanings per day). In addition to the contactless charging station, a soft tip was placed in the box in addition to the standard one. Separately, they are not yet sold, there is no data on compatibility with other brushes from the Xiaomi ecosystem either.

Cost: $ 30. Want to buy!