Xiaomi Ecosystem: 7 QCY Gadgets for Wireless Sound

Xiaomi is constantly attracting startups to help it develop its own ecosystem

However, not all of the company's partners start from scratch.When Xiaomi got into the zone of interest of the manufacturer of audio devices QCY, the lattermanaged to earn a certain fame for himself.

The history of the brand began in 2003 with the foundationDongguan Hele Electronics, a company that has been developing Bluetooth headsets. The manufacturer relied on quality from the very beginning, this helped to achieve strategic cooperation with the technology giants Samsung and Motorola in 2006 (although it was not announced what exactly it consisted of). QCY's own brand was registered in 2009, and the supply of branded products began only at the end of 2012. After the flagship store opened on Tmall at the beginning of 2013, things quickly went uphill, and QCY became the most popular brand of wireless headsets on the largest Chinese online sites.

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The first QCY devices

In April 2014, Xiaomi and related fundShunwei Capital will invest 30 million yuan in the company - almost $ 5 million at that time. Hele Electronics is part of the Mi ecosystem and establishes a joint venture Lanmi HK Limited (the Chinese name 蓝 米 translates as “blue rice”). It will later be renamed Dongguan Liesheng Electronics. It was here that the Mi Bluetooth Headset, Mi Sports headphones, as well as completely wireless Redmi AirDots and Mi AirDots were created (another partner is responsible for the Pro version of Mi Air True Wireless Earphones). The division also produces Haylou headphones in the now trendy True Wireless (TWS) format, while maintaining relative independence from Xiaomi. But back to QCY.

Also in 2014, the manufacturer picked up the trendon sports Bluetooth headphones and released QCY QY7, which instantly became a bestseller in China. The team also has experience in creating on-ear headphones, but by 2018, the line only included earbuds. The priority was completely wireless solutions; the first such model was the QCY T1 (aka T1C and QS1), which are still very popular. And yes, naming is not QCY’s strong point. Often the names of devices on the website and official Facebook page do not even match the version of the branded store on AliExpress.

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Since 2016, Hele Electronics has been promoting the Jesbod brand in parallel, eventually deciding to focus on QCY. Shown above are the same QY13 headphones with different nameplates.

According to Counterpoint Research, QCY is one of the five most popular brands of TWS headphones. On this optimistic note, we go directly to the selection of interesting company gadgets.

1. QCY QS2 (T1S)

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The already mentioned QCY T1 TWS headphones havegood value for money, and remains one of the best-selling gadgets on AliExpress. But there is one thing: the case without a lid is constantly filled with dust and small debris. It's better to immediately look at the updated QCY QS2 with a lid, especially since during sales you can buy them for just a few dollars more. The “droplets” of both models are identical in design, and both use the same chip with support for Bluetooth 5.0 and the AAC codec, and the battery life reaches four hours. The case, which houses a more capacious 800 mAh battery, provides up to 32 hours of music listening with charging breaks versus 20 hours for the T1. A mechanical button on the body of the “droplets” allows you to switch tracks by double pressing. Additional silicone tips will help you find the optimal fit.

Each earphone can be used separately asBluetooth headset. Although in the case of QS2, this function is unlikely to be useful - in noisy places it can be difficult for an interlocutor to parse words. In normal mode, the microphone of the right earphone is active, and if you bring it to your mouth, the audibility will improve slightly. The sound delay while watching a video is minimal, in games it is more noticeable.

QCY QS2 is available in black and white. The headphones compete with Xiaomi Redmi AirDots in a more compact case, but their battery life is worse.

Cost: $ 22.47. Want to buy!

2. QCY T3

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QCY T3 got a different body shape and touchcontrol with the ability to adjust the volume without reaching the smartphone - just swipe your finger on the "leg". Although gestures still need to get used to. At first, the user can call a voice assistant or jump over several tracks, simply adjusting the earpiece. T3 are equipped with energy-efficient Realtek chip with support for Bluetooth 5.0 and AAC codec. They play for about 5 hours, the batteries in the case last for four full charges with a total of 25 hours of battery life. With the addition of a second microphone, voice quality during calls has grown, although not by much.

Despite some similarities with “liners”Apple AirPods are an in-ear model. All because of non-standard ear pads, they are also the reason for mixed reviews from owners. As it turned out, the sound greatly depends on the shape of the ear, and if the QCY T3 does not fit tightly, the low frequencies fall off sharply. When using alternative tips, another problem arises: the headphones barely fit in the case and do not charge.

QCY took care of protection from sweat and rain, but only for the headphones themselves. The cover should be kept away from water.

Cost: $ 32.20. Want to buy!

3. QCY QY31

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QCY Sports Headset Does Not Fall Off When Activehead movements thanks to special earhooks. QY31 can work simultaneously with two devices so that the user does not have to switch the connection between smartphone and laptop / tablet each time. You do not need to feel the remote control with your hand either - all buttons are located on the right earphone. Declared aptX codec, operating time at medium volume is 6-7 hours.

QCY QY31 are protected against sweat and splashes (IPX4 standard). Headphones weigh only 13 grams and are almost not felt on the head. In the box, the manufacturer put two pairs of ear pads of different sizes, and if none of the options fit, you can attach any others. A special slider allows you to tighten the wire at the back (it is longer than it might seem in the images) so that nothing hangs

Cost: $ 18.70. Want to buy!

4. QCY M1S

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One of the cheapest QCY headphones has nothing to offersurprise music lovers, but they are quite suitable for listening to music in the background. M1S comes with three sets of ear pads and special tips for better fit in the ear. The manufacturer promises up to 8 hours of battery life, the real figures are more modest - at “above average” volumes, one charge lasts for about 5-6 hours. The headphones are connected by a thin cable, the remote control is embedded on the right side. Using magnets, the headset closes around the neck, although the grip is not very reliable. There is no automatic pause function.

The QCY MS1 is IPX5 protected against water and is also suitable for training. Owners note a good microphone performance (in old headphones of the same format, consider that it wasn’t).

Cost: $ 13.90. Want to buy!

5. QCY L2

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The main highlight of QCY L2 was the active systemnoise reduction. It does not objectively reach the benchmarks in this regard by the Sony WH-1000XM3, but it copes well with monotonous noise (especially low-frequency). Things are worse with the wind blowing into the microphone and driving along a bumpy road; in such situations, instead of damping unwanted noise, even more interference can be created. This is a feature of all budget ANC headphones.

Management in QCY L2 touch. The lower button on the handle is responsible for pausing, playing and answering calls. The microphone here, by the way, is not bad. A short press on the middle button increases the volume, and if you hold your finger, the sound will become quieter. The top one has an LED indicator and controls noise reduction, which for some reason continues to work after turning off the headphones, and therefore it needs to be turned off separately.

Formally, the headset refers to sportsthe range, there is even protection against IPX4 water, but due to accidental touches during intense training, it begins to live its own life. QCY L2 should be considered exclusively as a model for everyday wear with a bonus in the form of a waterproof case. Despite the claimed AAC codec, for some smartphones, for some reason, the usual SBC is used.

Headphones allow you to continuously listen to music up to 13 hours, with an active ANC-system - no more than 10 hours.

Cost: $ 22.98. Want to buy!

6. QCY QM1

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Under the brand name QCY are still availableBluetooth headsets for calls. QM1 is a more affordable bean-shaped model. Due to the symmetrical shape, the earphone is equally comfortable to wear in both the left and right ear. Inside, the Bluetooth 5.0 chip works, and the 40 mAh battery is designed for 3 hours of listening to audio or 2.5 hours of talk time. Since there is only one microphone, and it is far enough away, on the street and in noisy places, audibility is impaired.

Sometimes the headset is sold under another name QCYMINI2. There are two colors to choose from: black and white. In addition to the charging cable and instructions, a pair of silicone nozzles is included in the package of delivery. The charging connector is hidden behind the plug.

Cost: $ 7.92. Want to buy!

7. QCY QQ1000

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Portable speakers designed in conjunction withEmie team, known in narrow circles for its original approach to the design of technology. It can be seen that the QCY QQ1000 was created with great attention to detail. The case in the form of a truncated cylinder allows you to direct the sound towards the user, and by turning the special ring at the top, you can adjust the volume. Its current level is displayed using a circular LED-backlight - convenient. The integrated 52 mm speaker delivers up to 3 watts of power. If this doesn’t seem enough, you can take two speakers and make a stereo pair from them. The creators did not forget about the microphone for answering calls. The battery capacity of 950 mAh provides up to 10 hours of battery life.

QCY QQ1000 turned out really interesting,although the price tag for the column of the Chinese brand is rather big. The model can be recommended to those who need design. The rest will easily find more powerful alternatives from competitors.

Cost: $ 30. Want to buy!

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