Xiaomi ecosystem: SOOCAS gadgets for personal care

When you hear about Xiaomi smart toothbrush, in the vast majority of cases we are talking about ultrasonic

a brush created by Soocas, part ofXiaomi ecosystem and its distribution channels for development. But Soocas does more than just toothbrushes. In this article we will tell you what else this company is interested in and what it produces.

Soocare (Shenzhen) Technology Co., Ltd. founded in 2015, the founder was Even Meng, who previously worked as a designer of Huawei products (in particular, he designed the design of the Huawei Honor X1 Android-tablet on Android 3.0 Honeycomb and a digital photo frame for Softbank), is a co-founder of PICOOC. Winner of design awards IF Design 2008, Good Design 2010-2011. The company's employees are mainly from Huawei, Oral-B and Philips. After rebranding, the company changed its name from PICOOC to Soocas. The brand's slogan is Enjoy smile, enjoy your life. Focuses on personal care products, has a number of patents in his field. The official website is soocas.com. There are official pages on Facebook and Twitter, as well as inactive Instagram and YouTube. Soocas has an official store on Aliexpress. To work with Soocas smart devices, you need a proprietary application, there is for Android and iOS.

1. SOOCAS X3 Smart Sonic Toothbrush

One of the company's best-selling products. There are 4 modes available: cleaning, whitening, adaptation (for new users) and for sensitive gums, switch at the touch of a button. The battery capacity of 1000 mAh, it should last for 25 days when cleaning twice a day. Charges 16 hours in the dock thanks to magnetic induction. FDA-certified DuPont sanitized heads are supplied sealed. The oscillation frequency is up to 38600 times per minute. It is paired with a smartphone via Bluetooth 4.0 through the proprietary Soocas APP application. The application is the initial setup, there you must specify the shade of teeth, the presence of teeth with caries or fillings. It has an accelerometer which allows the brush to recognize areas of the mouth, and further analyze the quality of cleaning. The application implements virtual rewards, they motivate for daily brushing.

Price: from $ 42. Want to buy!

There is also an improved version of SOOCAS X3U($ 66), the main differences are a different design, an increased oscillation frequency up to 39,600 times per minute, charges in 4 hours and a more extensive delivery set that includes four nozzles and a travel box.

2. Sound Toothbrush SOOCAS PINJING (SO WHITE) EX3

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Minimalistic, simplified sonic toothbrush. It is the best-selling in the official store of AliExpress.

Three cleaning modes are available:

  • Standard, 31,000 vibrations per minute, suitable for most users.
  • Soft, 27,000 vibrations per minute, for first use or for people with sensitive gums.
  • Massage, changes the frequency of vibration as you clean

IPX7 protected, ABS housingplastic, available in two colors, pink and black. As well as the older version (SOOCAS X3) has a 1000 mAh battery, it will last for 25 days when cleaning twice a day. Charges from the docking station, comes with a USB-C cable, no power supply. 30 seconds are allocated to one of the four areas of the mouth, the brush will notify you after the time has passed.

Price: from $ 15. Want to buy!

3. Portable electric shaver SOOCAS PINJING (SO WHITE) ES3

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The portable electric razor has three kniveswhich take the shape of a face, is charged via a USB plug for 90 minutes. The charge should be enough for about 60 minutes, three shaving modes are available, they are switched by holding the button for 3 seconds. It has “smart” functions, in particular, it will inform you about the need to clean the head from the accumulated hairs on it, it has a lock against accidental pressing. The case is water resistant, IPX7 protected. There is an auxiliary blade on the back of the case.

Price: $ 22. Want to buy!

4. Soocas N1 Nose Trimmer

Trimmer for cutting hair in the nose, ears and temples. For its design received the iF design award. Made of ABS plastic, IPX5 protected, powered by AA battery (included). According to the manufacturer, the blade does not pull on the hair and does not damage the inner cavity of the nose.

Price: $ 14. Want to buy!

5. Hair dryer SOOCAS H3S

A hair dryer with a simple design that dries rather than frieshair. In 2018, he received the iF design awards. Equipped with a thermostat that prevents the hair from drying out. There is a function of saturating the air with negative ions, this contributes to less electrification of the hair. Negative ions also attract water molecules from the surrounding air, allowing you to maintain natural moisture. The kit is quite extensive, except for the hairdryer includes two nozzles (small, large), a rubber mat for the head and a bag of velvet. The head is made of aluminum alloy, there is a mode switch on the handle, three are available: constant temperature, quick drying, natural wind. Powered by a network cable 1.7 meters long, an option with a European plug is available.

Price: $ 47. Want to buy!

6. Children's electric toothbrush SOOCAS C1

Children's electric toothbrush hasbuilt-in 800mAh battery, contaminated for 12 hours, should be enough for 20 days of daily use. Charges through a small dock that is powered via a USB port. Protected according to IPX7 standard, the case is made of ABS plastic. With strong pressure, it automatically drops speed. It is paired with the phone via Bluetooth, a mini-game allows the child to enjoy the process, as the mouth cleanses the character will be closer to the finish line, and at the end a few more (prize) games will be available. Two modes are available, for children over 4 years old, and those who are already accustomed to electric toothbrushes. Interchangeable DuPoint head certified by FDA, additionally sold in 2 pieces. for $ 8.39.

More details in a separate news.

Price: $ 31. Want to buy!

7. SOOCAS SO WHITE ED1 portable mini razor

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Portable mini razor equipped with batterywhich lasts for 90 minutes of continuous use, is charged through the Type-C connector. The interchangeable head consists of three rotating blades. The thickness of the grating is only 0.07 mm, it deforms when exposed. IPX5 protected for wet and dry shaving.

Price: $ 16. Want to buy!

8. Irrigator SOOCAS W3

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Portable irrigator. The device releases a powerful pressure of the liquid, this is used to “sweep away” plaque and other oral cavity freelancers. It is recommended to use no more than twice a day for a minute, long-term use may harm. Protected according to IPX7 standard, housing with anti-slip pimples. A removable 230 ml water tank is enough for about 1 minute of intense water flow. There are four types of nozzles: for the perineum between the teeth, for the tongue, orthodontic and deep. For a portable device, it is very massive (20 cm long), but a couple of years ago, under the word “irrigator”, there was a weighty station that was powered by a network. The battery capacity of 2200 mAh, should be enough for 30 days (1 time per day for 1 minute), charged via micro-USB port, cable included. Additional nozzles of 2 pcs. for $ 7.33

Price: $ 33. Want to buy!

9. Dental floss on a stick

Designed to remove stuck food debris, immediately stretched on a small stick that is made of ABS plastic. Comes in a box that contains 50 pcs.

Price: $ 5. Want to buy!