Xiaomi Empty Valley Automatic Umbrella: an umbrella for two with a sturdy construction and a $ 7 price tag

Xiaomi is not going to stop and continues to release new products. This time we were shown another one

umbrella named Empty Valley Automatic Umbrella.

What is known

The new product is made of aluminum alloy andwater-repellent material. There is a special button on the umbrella handle that automatically opens and closes it. The Empty Valley Automatic Umbrella has a diameter of 102 cm and a height of 62 cm, so two people can comfortably fit under it.








Of the features of the novelty, you can also select itThe design, which according to the company, is resistant to strong wind. The weight of the umbrella is 412 grams and when folded it has compact dimensions: 32 cm in length and 5.8 cm in diameter.

Price and when to wait

The new product can already be purchased on the company’s website with a price tag of $7.28.

Do you know that

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