Xiaomi Floor Standing AC C1: air conditioner with an unusual design and price tag of $ 521

Xiaomi yesterday at a presentation in China presented not only the Mi TV E-series, Mi Art TV and Populele 2 ukulele, but also

new air conditioner.

What is known

It is called Xiaomi Floor Standing AC C1 andunusual cylindrical design. It does not need to be hung on the wall, like most air conditioners. The new product has two cooling systems with a power of 5100 W and one heating system with a power of 5650 W. Thanks to special blades, air is supplied in four directions with a range of up to 8 meters. According to the company, the air conditioner is perfect for rooms with a volume of 20-32 m². By the way, it can be controlled via the Mi Home application on your smartphone.

Price and when to wait

The new product can already be pre-ordered on the company’s official website. It will cost the first buyers $446, then the price tag will increase to $521.

Let us remind you that Xiaomi is now raising funds for the Mi HIMO Electric Bicycle T1 electric bicycle with a power reserve of up to 120 km.

Do you know that

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