Xiaomi had to postpone the launch of the premium version of the smart watch Mi Watch Privilege Edition

At the beginning of November, Xiaomi introduced the Mi Watch smart watch and the premium version Mi Watch Privilege Edition. First

went on sale a week after the announcement, but the second ones were supposed to hit store shelves in December. But Xiaomi had to postpone the start of sales.

What happened

Xiaomi released a statement saying that the launch of the Mi Watch Privilege Edition had to be delayed by several months:

"To provide the best user experienceand stock levels of the Xiaomi Watch Exclusive Edition, originally scheduled for launch in late December, will be delayed until February 2020. Sales will be simultaneously launched on official channels such as Xiaomi Mall, Xiaomi Youpin and Xiaomi Tmall official flagship store. We hope to live up to everyone's expectations and bring back the best experience for all Xiaomi watch fans. We sincerely apologize again for the delay in sales."

That is, Xiaomi does not name the exact reasons. But there were issues with the regular Mi Watch, so it looks like the company wants to iron out these issues with the premium version.

Let us remind you that Mi Watch Privilege Edition is differentfrom ordinary watches to more expensive materials: the case and bracelet are made of polished stainless steel, the back cover is made of ceramic, and the display is protected by sapphire glass. This version costs a hundred dollars more – $285.

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