Xiaomi has changed the design and functionality of MIUI Ambient Display

MIUI PR Head Jin Fan said that the updated MIUI Ambient Display feature

(analogous to Xiaomi's Always On Display) is already in beta testing.

What's new

The Ambient Display function allows you to displayWhen the smartphone display is turned off, various useful information: time and date, battery charge and other notifications. It's convenient and energy efficient—the user doesn't have to press buttons, and the device doesn't need to use a lot of power just to show the time.

This feature is already available in many smartphones.other companies. The Xiaomi solution is distinguished by wide customization, which is what the developers relied on in the new version. Users will be able to customize the appearance of the Ambient Display watch and create their own “welcome” messages. There is also support for notification and message indicators.

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In a similar minimalistic and vibrant design.The entire MIUI 11 shell has been completed. The developers have tried to unload the interface as much as possible so that the system meets the latest trends in the smartphone market.

The updated Ambient Display will be released soon if the company does not encounter any problems during testing.

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