Xiaomi has plans to release 10 smartphone models with 5G support

Support for fifth-generation networks in smartphones is still exotic, and devices released this year

for the most part they are quite highprice tags. There are a few exceptions such as Xiaomi Mi Mix, which at the start cost only $ 670. But, by and large, this is the same smartphone as a regular with LTE, that is, it has all the characteristics and components of the original, only a 5G modem is installed. Recently, a Chinese manufacturer launched the Mi9 Pro in the home market, which sold out quickly in a large print run. The company decided that next year should release another ten models with a 5G modem. For China, this is already becoming relevant, as the deployment of a new generation of network is in full swing.

5G budget employees

The head of Xiaomi said that fromof the future ten models, not all will be premium smartphones with top-notch characteristics, next year 5G-state employees will also be released. Analysts predict for 2020 a serious increase in smartphone sales with 5G, in the forecasts figure figures from 150 to 300 million units. This is almost a 20 percent share of the entire smartphone market in the world. That is, every fifth year, the smartphone next year will support work in new networks. So far, coverage of 5G networks leaves much to be desired, but it is obvious that almost all operators (with the exception of some closed countries) will switch to the new standard.

The head of Xiaomi noted that the first smartphone,originally imprisoned for 5G in the Celestial Empire exceeded the most optimistic expectations. This means that there is a demand for such smartphones, and it will grow rapidly. He also stated. That the company will have a wide range of such devices, everyone will be able to choose the right smartphone for their budget and tastes. As many price categories as possible will be covered. As for smartphones with 4G, the sales activity of such models will gradually decrease, so there is no turning back, more 5G smartphones will have to be made. Now much depends on the operators, on how quickly they can deploy new networks everywhere.

For Xiaomi, so far everything is going well, the mainHuawei's competitor is losing access to the international market, so there is reason to build its strategy more aggressively, moreover, in the home market. Now the principle of patriotism has been established in China, if there is an opportunity to buy a smartphone, choose the one that was released by a domestic company. This led to an avalanche of demand in the domestic market. But how long the trend will last is unclear, therefore it is important to promote our products in the European and American markets.