Xiaomi has released a compact USB flash drive U-Disk Thumb Drive 64 GB for $ 11 (updated)

Xiaomi continues to explore new markets. This time the company decided to release a USB U-Disk Thumb Drive with a capacity

64 GB.

What is known

The new product received a compact metal body,which is protected from shock and moisture. There is a special strap on the back of the device. It has a soft texture and can be hung on your keys. The drive supports the USB 3.0 data transfer standard and has a maximum read speed of 124 MB/s. Thanks to this, you can upload a 3 GB video to it in just 30 seconds.

Price and when to wait

Xiaomi U-Disk Thumb Drive is already on sale on Xiaomi Youpin with a price tag of $11.

Updated:the new product appeared on AliExpress, but the price tag is a little higher - $18.

Do you know that

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