Xiaomi has released a “smart” cup with automatic heating and wireless charging for $ 26

Xiaomi has introduced yet another “smart” product for the home - a cup with automatic heating and charging.

What is it

At first glance, this is an ordinary mug made of ceramic. It is durable, and it can also be safely washed under water and cleaned.

All electronics are hidden inside the case. If you put a mug on the wireless charging station that comes with the kit, auto-heating is turned on. The cup maintains a constant temperature of + 55 ° C. But after 4 hours, if no action occurs, the heating is turned off. To turn it back on, pick up the mug from the station and put it back.

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Also, the station can be used separately for wireless charging of other gadgets: smartphones, headphones, watches, etc. Its power is 10 watts.


In China, the Xiaomi smart cup can be bought for $ 26.

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