Xiaomi has released a state employee Qin 2: an elongated display with a ratio of 22.5: 9 and Android Go for only $ 73

Sub-brand Xiaomi Qin introduced youpin crowdfunding platform unusual smartphone - Qin Multi Parent AI Assistant Phone / Qin AI Life

or, if abbreviated, Qin 2.


Qin 2 differs from current smartphones by itsby forms. More precisely, an elongated display, against which even the cinematic screen of the Sony Xperia 1 fades. The screen diagonal is only 5.05 inches, but the aspect ratio is 22.5: 9. Resolution - 1440 × 576 pixels.

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The frames around the display are small, although not without a chin. But the front camera is not here, as well as a fingerprint scanner.

But you can choose a bright color: in addition to the standard black, there are red, blue and pink colors.

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The dimensions of the smartphone are 132.6 × 55.4 × 8.6 mm, weight - 105 g.

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What's inside

Qin 2 received a Spreadtrum SC9832E chip, 1 GB of RAM, 32 GB of built-in, single 5 megapixel main camera (and only), and a 2100 mAh battery.

There is also a USB-C port, headphone jack and infrared. The novelty works under the operating system Android Go 9.0.

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How many?

It is worth such a state employee only $ 73. But he is unlikely to be released outside of China.

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