Xiaomi has released a talking pen that will help you learn languages ​​and costs only $ 28

The company Xiaomi has released a "smart" children's pen Mi Bunny Reading Pen, which was developed together with specialists

on preschool education.

What can

This pen is designed for children aged 2 years and older and will help the child in learning. There are speakers and a player, so the pen can “talk”.

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It comes with 22 picture books and supports about 500 more such books. The device recognizes the text, because it will be a great help when learning to read.

In addition, using the Mi Bunny Reading Pen, you can learn Chinese and English.

Such a children's gadget is made of materials according to the standards of the US Food and Drug Administration, so it will be safe for the baby.

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The Mi Bunny Reading Pen costs about $ 28. Sales will start on May 27th.

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