Xiaomi has released a walkie-talkie with a 1.77-inch display and a 5200 mAh battery for $ 67

We have already written that yesterday Xiaomi announced 20 new (or not at all) products. Today

Let's take a closer look at the dual-band walkie-talkie called Xiaomi MiJia Walkie Talkie 2.

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A few years ago, Xiaomi already released the MiJia Walkie Talkie 1s. Now the device has been updated and improved, adding several useful features.

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The radio has a 1.77-inch LCD display, which displays even more information. Moreover, letters and symbols are clearly visible even in the sun.

5 W transmission power allows you to catch the signalat a distance of 6 kilometers. A 5200 mAh battery will provide up to 13 days of standby time and up to 15 hours of full operation. By the way, the previous model has a battery more than two times smaller - 2190 mAh.

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You can charge the device via the USB-C connector. A headset is also connected to the radio - via a 3.5 mm jack or via Bluetooth.

The speaker volume of the Xiaomi MiJia Walkie Talkie 2 is 22% louder. The volume is controlled by a knob located next to the antenna.

In addition, there is a degree of protection IP65, that is, the radio is not afraid of dust and jets of water (but it cannot be completely drowned).

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Xiaomi MiJia Walkie Talkie 2 costs about $67. The previous model was almost half the price - $35. Sales start on April 9.

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