Xiaomi introduced a $ 70 car projection display

A page for the Car Robot Smart HUD head-up display (HUD) has appeared on the Xiaomi Youpin crowdfunding platform. Device

connects to the car via Bluetooth and can already be purchased officially.

What can

Car Robot Smart HUD displays on the windshieldcar with various useful information: speed, GPS navigator instructions, and the like. The new product is compatible with 90% of modern cars and comes with a display that will display additional data. The Smart HUD body is made of polycarbonate and impact-resistant ABS plastic. The device is resistant to high temperatures, protected from ultraviolet radiation, and does not deform or discolor. In addition, it equipped with a built-in light-sensing system that adjusts the screen brightness according to the brightness of the surrounding environment. The use of such gadgets reduces the information load on the driver, since he will have to pay less attention to the dashboard.

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Smart HUD connects to your car or smartphone via Bluetooth and OBD port. The gadget can already be ordered on the Xiaomi Youpin website.

Do you know that

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