Xiaomi introduced a microwave with Wi-Fi and voice control for $ 58

Xiaomi introduced in China, a microwave oven, which will be included in the line of smart household appliances Mijia.

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A device that does not yet have an officialnames, will support control from your smartphone through the Mijia app. Especially for this, the oven is equipped with a Wi-Fi IEEE 802.11b / g / n module. The microwave can even be controlled by voice commands.

Internal volume of the microwave oven - 20 liters,It has 26 heating modes, as well as 3 modes for defrosting products, a sterilization mode and 11 recipes. The power is 700 W, the frequency of the microwaves is 2450 MHz, and the mass is 12.1 kg.

The new product will go on sale on August 1 at a price of about $ 58.

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