Xiaomi introduced flagship hybrid headphones that can be used with and without wires

Xiaomi has released the flagship Xiaomi HiFi Hybrid Flagship Earphones, which can transform

from wired to wireless.


So, the headphones can be connected to the gadget withusing a Bluetooth adapter, or connect the wires through a 3.5 mm audio jack or USB Type-C cable with its own DAC chip. Cables are made of silver-plated oxygen-free copper.

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The manufacturer claims that the gold-plated connectorMMCX will improve the connection and more durable and durable than conventional connectors. The case itself is made using ceramics, is scratch resistant and does not distort the sound.

The headphones also have Hi-Res Audio certification, support for the LDAC codec and four drivers at once.

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When and how much

Xiaomi HiFi Hybrid Flagship Earphones Alreadyavailable for pre-order, and sales will start on November 11th. You can order them for 999 yuan (about $ 140), the first buyers can save by paying only $ 99. Outside of China, they can be ordered at Hifigo.com, but for $ 169.

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Do you know that

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