Xiaomi introduced four refrigerators under the brand MiJia c price from $ 140

Xiaomi showed today in China just four refrigerators under the brand MiJia with very “tasty” prices.

What is known

All four models were equipped with shelves fromtempered glass and LED backlight. New items differ in the number of cameras with a volume from 160 liters to 486 liters and different doors. In two top-end refrigerators, there is also support for the Xiao AI branded voice assistant, as well as a display that displays time, temperature and other parameters. These models can still be controlled from a smartphone.

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Price and when to wait

New items will be available on October 15 with the following prices:

  • 160 liter refrigerator (two doors) - $ 140
  • 210 liter refrigerator (three doors) - $ 225
  • 483 liter refrigerator (two doors) - $ 281
  • 486 liter refrigerator (four doors) - $ 422