Xiaomi introduced four silent air conditioners with a price tag of $ 329

Today Xiaomi presented not only a smartphone, watch and TV, but also new “smart”

air conditioners - four models at once.

What can

More precisely, these are two models in two versions with different capacities: wall-mounted Internet Air Conditioner and floor-standing Internet Vertical Air Conditioner, which can be placed anywhere in the house.

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Air conditioners received monochrome OLED displays,which displays the necessary information and automatically cleans them. The manufacturer says that the new models save energy and are virtually silent: the noise level is no more than 23 dB at maximum load.

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You can control air conditioners from your smartphone. They can also be made part of the smart home ecosystem.


Internet Air Conditioner will cost $329 and $358 depending on the power. The floor-standing Internet Vertical Air Conditioner costs $644 and $787.

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