Xiaomi introduced Mijia LCD: a tablet for drawing that can work for a year without recharging

Xiaomi has announced the completion of a crowdfunding campaign to raise funds for the Mijia LCD tablet.

The device works like a digital analogue of a slate or marker board and can last a year without recharging.

Down with sheets and pens

Mijia LCD is designed for people whose workassociated with a lot of calculations or simply for creative individuals. The gadget is also perfect for teaching children how to draw. The tablet is made in a minimalist style and is equipped with a pressure-sensitive LCD display. A lightweight magnetic stylus is attached to one of the sides of the case. According to Xiaomi representatives, their device is safe for the eyes, and the display itself is more contrasty and accurate compared to its analogues. The replaceable battery in Mijia LCD provides the highest battery life - up to 365 days with 100 screen cleaning cycles per day.

There are two tablet options for sale: a 10-inch model for $6 and a 13.5-inch model for $14.

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