Xiaomi introduced the 8H Milan Smart Electric Bed with voice control and a price tag of $ 284

Xiaomi, together with Chengdu Fun Sleep Technology Co. Ltd, announced the 8H Milan Smart Electric Bed.

What is known

The new product boasts a design thatbends in two places. By default there are five modes. For example, for convenient reading, watching movies, etc. You can also adjust the angle manually (up to 30 and 60 degrees, respectively). The bed is controlled using buttons or voice commands.







The new product is made of high-strength fiberglass.The bed also has a frame with five partitions. Thanks to him, it can withstand a uniform load of up to 1000 kg. The body of the new product is covered with the 8th generation Litchi material, which is very similar to leather. According to the company, it is more durable and can withstand up to 20,000 friction cycles.

Price and when to wait

Bed sales start on December 3. Several sizes will be available. For the one and a half model you will have to pay $284, and for the 1.8 m version - $312.

Do you know that

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