Xiaomi introduced the amateur telescope Star Trang Telescope for $ 90

Xiaomi continues to delight users with new products as part of the Xiaomi 9th Anniversary Mi Fan Festival

as part of its 9th anniversary. And the next one is the compact amateur telescope Star Trang Telescope.

What can

The telescope received two eyepieces with a diameter of 23 mm and 10 mm, both with a viewing angle of 60 degrees. They provide 21.7x and 50x magnification respectively.

The design of the device allows you to “adjust” it to any height, so the telescope will be convenient to use for both children and adults.

The “kit” also includes a stainless steel tripod, special disks that protect the device from damage, and a carrying bag.

When and how much?

Star Trang Telescope will go on sale on April 9th. It costs about $90.

Let us remind you that today Xiaomi turns 9years. The company was founded on April 6, 2010. In honor of the anniversary, the Mi Fan Festival is being held, during which Xiaomi presented about 20 products. The festival will also affect Ukraine, where there are special prices for the company’s gadgets.

Do you know that

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