Xiaomi introduced the MIIW Elite keyboard with voice input and an “elite” mouse for $42

It looks like Xiaomi has decided to start building its own Mac, and started with a keyboard and mouse, launching a new project on

fundraising platform.

What showed

The Chinese manufacturer presented twokeyboards. MIIW Elite Keyboard has 85 keys with a scissor mechanism, and the device connects to a computer via Bluetooth or a wireless receiver. The 7.8 mm thick keyboard has a rounded design with round keys, which makes the device look less like the Magic Keyboard.

The main feature of MIIW Elite Keyboard isa separate button for voice input, which is located to the right of the “space”, between “Alt” and “Ctrl”. By holding down the key, the user activates the HKUST Xunfei Voice Pack and can enter text by speaking it out loud. The button can also be used to activate “smart commands”, such as requesting a weather forecast, exchange rates, and more.

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Together with MIIW Elite, the company also presented a simplified version of MIIW dual-mode keyboard 85. The keyboards are almost identical, and the younger one is distinguished by the absence of a key for voice input.

Xiaomi also announced its own MIIW mouseElite Mouse, which also connects via Bluetooth or a wireless receiver. The company promises a symmetrical design and non-slip texture.

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When and how much

The MIIW Elite Keyboard will costto the buyer $42 (299 Yuan), and the junior MIIW dual-mode keyboard 85 will have a price tag of $25 (179 Yuan). MIIW Elite Mouse will sell for $42 (299 Yuan). MIIW Elite Keyboard and MIIW Elite Mouse will go on sale on February 25, and you can buy the younger MIIW dual-mode on March 11.

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