Xiaomi introduced the “smart” toilet with heating, bidet and control from a smartphone for $ 410

Xiaomi already has toilets in its range, but this new product is a real flagship.

What’s “smart” about it?


The Xiaomi toilet looks like a regular one, but is mademade of ceramics. But there is no separate drain tank: instead, the manufacturer got confused and made an internal system with a direct water supply. Moreover, the amount of water for one drain is regulated. Basically this is 4.3 liters, although ordinary toilets flush twice as much.

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The drain tap itself is made from antibacterial ABS plastic. There is a bidet function with the ability to regulate the temperature and water pressure.

After each flush, the toilet is automatically cleaned with detergent, water and air. The manufacturer claims that as a result, up to 99% of germs are neutralized.

In addition, the toilet seat is equipped with a three-stage heating.

You can control “smart” functions in two ways: either using the remote control that comes with the kit, or through an application on your smartphone. The toilet also connects to the Mi Home ecosystem.











The toilet is presented on the Xiaomi crowdfunding site and costs $410.

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