Xiaomi is confident that smartphones without charging connectors will appear on the market next year

Last year, Vivo introduced the Apex 2020 concept smartphone, the main feature of which was

one-piece body without ports and buttons. Unfortunately, it remained a concept, but Xiaomi is confident that soon there will be more such devices.

What to expect

Xiaomi representatives believe that in the nextyear on the market of smartphones will appear gadgets without cable connectors, which will only be charged wirelessly. Moreover, these will no longer be concepts, but commercial models.

The company says wired charging is stillhas remained a priority only because wireless charging technology is still not advanced enough. In addition, not at home, but for example, in a public place, you are unlikely to find a wireless charger for your smartphone. And the users themselves trust the usual way more.

However, technology keeps pace with the times, andwireless charger manufacturers continue to improve their products. For example, the same Xiaomi recently introduced HyperCharge technology, which delivers 200 watts over the wire and 120 watts wirelessly. Moreover, it is safe and harmful to the battery.

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