Xiaomi is going to compete with Apple for the European market

Next year, the Chinese company Xiaomi is going to concentrate even more on the European market. About it

said Xiaomi Vice President and Redmi brand head Lu Weibing, commenting on the latest Canalys report.

What does it mean

Canalys researched the European marketsmartphones and identified leaders among manufacturers. In first place is Samsung, which shipped 18.7 million smartphones in the third quarter of this year and occupies 35.7% of the market.

Next is Huawei, which shipped 11.6 million devices. Its market share is 22.2%. In third place is Apple, which has 18.6% of the market and 9.8 million smartphones sold.

But Xiaomi reached fourth place in the ranking. In the third quarter, the company shipped 5.5 million smartphones and now holds 10.5% of the European market.

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According to Liu Weibing, Xiaomi has surpassed the 10% mark for the first time. In just one year, the company managed to increase its share by 73%: in the third quarter of last year, it occupied only 6.5% of the market.

Next year Xiaomi is not going tobuild on what has been achieved and intend to further strengthen its position. The company's vice president emphasized that "good prices move people," perhaps hinting at a rivalry with Apple.

It is possible that already next year Xiaomi will be able to “move” its Apple competitor in the smartphone market.

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