Xiaomi is looking for those who want to test the new gaming shell Joy UI

Recently, the Xiaomi Black Shark sub-brand released a special gaming shell Joy UI based on Android and MIUI. And now the company

is looking for users who are willing to test it.

Who can take part

Joy UI is designed for Black Shark, Black Shark Helo, Black Shark 2 and Black Shark 2 Pro smartphones, so owners of these models can take part in the testing program.

To do this you need to submit an applicationin the Black Shark WeChat group or on the Black Shark community website. After registration, the company will select only 20 thousand users who will receive a test version of the firmware.

The final stable version of Joy UI is expected in December.

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What's new

Joy UI includes Xiao Ai 3 voice assistant.0, a special mode for games that blocks pop-up notifications and unnecessary background processes, a set of standard Mi applications and a modified user interface based on MIUI 11.

In addition, the shell received a special gaming assistant that will help you configure controls, feedback, and other data.

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