Xiaomi is preparing for the announcement of smartphones Mi Note 10 and Mi Note 10 Pro

In June, Xiaomi announced that there is no need to wait for new models of the Mi Note series - at least in this case

year. But after a few months I changed my mind. Moreover, the Chinese manufacturer is preparing several models at once: Mi Note 10 and Mi Note 10 Pro.

Already decided

And this is no longer at the level of rumors:The smartphones have been certified by the National Broadcasting and Telecommunications Commission of Thailand (NBTC) and the Eurasian Economic Commission (EEC). The latter, by the way, indicates that smartphones will definitely be released in Russia and nearby countries.

The devices received the code designations M1910F4G and M1910F4S.

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The new products are credited with Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 or Snapdragon 855 Plus processors and 108-megapixel cameras.

According to rumors, Mi Note 10 and Mi Note 10 Pro may be renamed Xiaomi Mi CC9 Pro for the international market.

The official announcement is expected before the end of the month, most likely next week.

Do you know that

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