Xiaomi is preparing for the announcement of the wireless headphones Mi AirDots 2 Pro

In January of this year, Xiaomi showed the Mi AirDots Pro wireless headphones, and is now preparing their successor.


One of the company's employees publisheda photo in the office with a fan, in which you can see a box of new Mi AirDots 2 Pro headphones. They will also receive a charging case and white color. Of the external differences, only the size of the inserts can be distinguished - they will now be more compact.

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The characteristics of the new model are unknown, but it can be assumed that they will have water protection according to the IPX4 standard, Bluetooth 5.0 and autonomy of up to 11-12 hours.

Price and when to wait

Headphones should be presented soon. They will cost about 60-70 US dollars.

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