Xiaomi is ready to submit its own e-book - rival Amazon Kindle

Xiaomi has been hinting at developing its own e-reader for a long time, and now it looks like it's time

it has arrived.

What's cooking

Chinese sources claim that the first “reader”Xiaomi is already ready for release, and they even published images of it. Most likely, the book will have an 8-inch E-Ink screen with fairly thick frames to make it comfortable to hold in your hands.

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You definitely shouldn’t expect anything supernatural:for example, the Amazon Kindle has up to 2 GB of memory and budget MediaTek processors. You can also count on Wi-Fi support and an affordable price tag of up to hundreds of dollars.

Sources say the e-reader shouldto be released as early as next week. There have been no promotional announcements so far, so it is possible that this will be a third-party device that will be sold on the MIJIA/Youpin crowdfunding platforms.

In the meantime, you can view our selection of the best e-books.

Do you know that

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