Xiaomi launches Redmi A24 75Hz monitor for $75

Xiaomi introduced a monitor under the Redmi brand. The novelty is called Redmi A24.

What is known

The monitor is intended for

office or home use, but notfocused on gamers. Redmi A24 comes with a 23.8” Full HD VA panel. Supports even increased frame rate - 75 Hz. sRGB color gamut coverage is 99%.

Redmi A24 display has thin bezels on the right,on the left, on top, and a relatively wide indentation on the bottom. The screen thickness is 7.2 mm. Interfaces are represented by HDMI and D-Sub connectors. The novelty comes with a stand with which you can change the angle of inclination. Height is fixed.

Price and when to wait

The new monitor is already on sale in China. The cost of Redmi A24 in the Chinese market was $75. There is no information about the release of the global version of the monitor yet.