Xiaomi left immediately two top managers

Recently, we wrote that Li Nan, vice president and co-founder of the company, left Meizu, and Apple left

Chief Designer Jonathan Ive. And now losses at Xiaomi: two top managers announced their dismissal at once.

Who is it?

The last days in the Chinese company are working on Donovan Sung (Donovan Sung), global director of products and marketing for Xiaomi. He worked in the company for about 5 years.

On his Twitter page, Donovan wrote thatWorks last month in Xiaomi. Next, he will join the Google team and will promote the Google Pay payment system in emerging markets.

But Jai Mani, head of the new departmentPoco brand products and the Indian division of Xiaomi, did not make loud statements, but changed its biography on Twitter. Now he is an ex-employee of Xiaomi, but it is unknown what he will do next.

Jai Mani also worked in the company for about 5 years and played a key role in developing the POCOPHONE F1 smartphone.

Do you know that

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