Xiaomi managed to do what Huawei could not: the US authorities agreed to exclude Xiaomi from the "black list"

In January of this year, the US government included Xiaomi and 8 other Chinese companies on the sanctions list. Truth,

the measures were not as harsh as in the case ofHuawei: Americans were simply banned from investing in these companies, while Xiaomi was left with the opportunity to buy American components and use technology in production. But less than half a year has passed - and the Chinese manufacturer has managed to restore its good name.

What does it mean

Xiaomi, after being blacklisted, went to court. In March, the court temporarily suspended the ban, and now the company has completely managed to leave the sanctions list.

Bloomberg writes about this, referring tocourt documents. It seems that the parties managed to peacefully settle the dispute and come to a common solution. The publication notes that the parties have agreed on further actions that will resolve this dispute without the need for the contested process. " This means that the US Department of Defense is ready to lift the imposed bans.

True, it is not yet clear on what terms Xiaomiand the US government went to peace and whether all restrictive measures will be lifted without exception. It is reported that the parties are now continuing negotiations and will submit a separate joint proposal to the court by May 20.

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