Xiaomi may refuse Pocophone smartphones due to Redmi

In August last year, the company Xiaomi created a separate brand POCO. Almost a year has passed, and under this brand

only one smartphone came out - the Pocophone F1, and almost immediately after the debut of the POCO division. Is it worth it to wait for the Pocophone F2?

What they say

IDC analyst Navkendar Singh predicts that the POCO brand will simply close soon. And all because of Redmi, which not too long ago also became an independent brand.

The fact is that at one time the Pocophone F1 becameAn excellent choice of a smartphone with a powerful filling and a low price tag. Now this role is performed by the Redmi K20 line model: if you want a top-end processor - take the Redmi K20 Pro, if you want to save - buy the Redmi K20. And internal competition between brands Xiaomi may adversely affect sales.

“Now, with such an aggressive price for the Xiaomi K series, with its absolutely flagship features, equipment and design, the reason for the existence of Poco as a brand is in doubt,” says the analyst.

In addition, it is worth remembering how many smartphones have already come out under the Redmi brand (do not count - many) and how many have released POCO (only one).

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