Xiaomi Mi 8 with the update MIUI 10 9.5.22 received the function DC Dimming

Xiaomi has released MIUI 10 9.5.22 firmware for last year's flagship smartphone Xiaomi Mi 8, which improves performance


What is known

According to the ITHome edition, Chinese users of the device have already begun to receive the firmware. The global version will be released later.

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The update weighs 324 MB and addedDC Dimming technology, which controls the brightness of an OLED display by changing the voltage. This eliminates screen flickering and reduces eye strain. In the near future, the Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 smartphone will also receive this function.

How to turn on

To enable DC Dimming, you need to go to the device settings, go to the “Screen” section and activate the Anti-Flicker function.

Do you know that

  • Xiaomi Mi 8 for the global market can be bought on Aliexpress for $ 336 already
  • Xiaomi Mi 8 lite only costs $ 178
  • The most popular screen film Xiaomi Mi 8 - hydrogel
  • Tempered glass for screen Xiaomi Mi 8 costs only $ 1.8
  • One of the most popular "armored" protective covers for Xiaomi Mi 8 - this one