Xiaomi Mi 9 SE goes beyond China: simplified flagship will reach Ukraine

It seems that the “junior” smartphone from the flagship Mi 9 line still gets to the international market. To this

There is some evidence.

Still waiting?

Recall last year's Xiaomi Mi 8 SE outsideChina never came out, so there were also concerns about the Xiaomi Mi 9 SE. But for the MWC 2019 exhibition, the company brought a copy of the smartphone with a global stable version of the MIUI 10.2 firmware with preinstalled standard Google applications and support for various languages.

And the other day, Mi 9 SE added a manufacturer's model to the list of certified for entry into the international market.
It is expected that the first smartphone will arrive in India, after which it will reach Europe.

And in Ukraine too?

At today's presentation in Kiev, representatives of Xiaomi said that Mi 9 SE will definitely be sold in Ukraine. But when it goes on sale and how much it will cost is still unknown.

By the way, perhaps this model will be the last representative of the SE: earlier we wrote that the company wanted to abandon this series.

Do you know that

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