Xiaomi Mi 9 vs. Mi 8: which is more profitable to buy

The Chinese company Xiaomi, having burst into the smartphone market relatively recently, has established itself as

manufacturer of smartphones with flagshipcharacteristics at affordable prices. The latest incredible one in terms of price-quality ratio was Mi 9 with a main camera equipped with three modules at once, which in a compartment is capable of producing high-resolution images. This is the main difference from the previous generation flagship, among other things. But let’s look at the rest and determine how much better the smartphone has become, and whether it’s worth buying it instead of Mi 8.

Perfect design

Both smartphones got a hull covered in gorillaGlass and perimeter metal frame. With the oleophobic coating on both models, everything is in order, it is present, and it is of excellent quality. However, a fresh flagship in terms of marcos showed the best results, however, the back panel is equally quickly typing bloopers from the fingers. By the way, with regard to the back panel, the novelty is made with an iridescent gradient, so that the backdrop looks more profitable, and there is another version with a transparent panel. It looks unusual, but it's an amateur.

Controls on both smartphones are locatedidentical, at the ends of the microphones, at the bottom of the USB-C and speaker. The main difference is in the presence of the new flagship infrared sensor, in addition, there was a button that activates the assistant (only for global versions). This button can be reprogrammed for any action. And one more innovation concerns the fingerprint scanner - now it is not at the back, but is built into the display. Dimensions and ergonomics of the models are the same, nothing has changed here.


The screens of both models give a very high qualityimage, and both are equipped with a matrix AMOLED resolution Full HD +. But the Mi9 has NTSC color gamut more than 100 percent, and there is still HDR10. However, this is hardly noticeable to the user, and this does not affect applications. The diagonal of the new flagship has grown a bit, and was almost 6.4 ”. The stock of brightness both have a large, but still in the sun screens fade a little. Also worth mentioning is the cut-out under the camera, the new one instead of the annoying monobrow has received a slightly less annoying drop-shaped cut-out.


More last year, Snapdragon 845 hitusers of its performance, and no wonder, he was the top and most powerful mobile processor. Mi8 worked (and works) just amazingly quickly and smoothly, pulls on high settings all the games that only exist. Mi9 received a fresh top Snapdragon 855 chipset, whose power has increased significantly. If you look at the results of synthetic performance tests, here Mi9 clearly gains, but in real tasks and applications there is no difference in speed. Simply, there were no such applications that could load the processors to the full.


The batteries of smartphones are almost identical100 mAh difference. But by optimizing the new model, the autonomy is a bit more. On video playback, this is clearly noticeable, if last year’s flagship stood 15 hours of video, then the novelty has been holding for 19 hours. High-speed charging is available for both models, but the Mi9 can also be charged wirelessly.

Photo opportunities

If the Mi8 last year made a splash with itswith photo capabilities, then with the advent of the triple camera, the novelty has all eclipsed it. The Mi9 photos are awesome, the 48-megapixel module alone is worth something. And a 12 megapixel Samsung sensor and a 16 MP Sony sensor came to his aid. In general, and so great photos have become even better, the grain just disappeared as a class, the noise only with a lack of light, which easily removes powerful software with AI technology. The front camera remained the same, but new features and chips appeared in the Po.

What is the result

It is clear that the creators of Mi9 gave a powerfuland a multifunctional flagship that leaves behind its predecessor for a number of indicators. However, for everyday use there is almost no difference, if it were not for the triple camera and not the gradient in the design, then many would not even distinguish these models.

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