Xiaomi Mi A1 still update to Android 10?

Xiaomi is already testing the new version of the Android 10 operating system on its smartphones. how

It turned out that the list of applicants for fresh firmware was added to the Xiaomi Mi A1.

What does it mean

Recall Xiaomi Mi A1 - the first smartphone of the companyas part of the Android One program, that is, with “clean” Android, without shells. Now it works with Android 9 Pie, and it was expected that state employees could not see the “dozens”.

However, new information indicates that Xiaomi will still update Mi A1 to Android 10.

The fact is that Xiaomi Mi A1 appeared in the base of the popular Geekbench benchmark, and Android 10 is indicated in the line “Operating System”.

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It is possible that this is just an unofficial assembly from third-party developers. Therefore, it is better to wait for the official information.

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