Xiaomi Mi Band 4 is better than Honor Band 4 and more popular

A fundamentally new product category is wearable electronics. The invention of recent years is gaining

popularity at a tremendous pace, especially thisapplies to smart bracelets or fitness trackers. Last year, three devices held the lead in terms of sales in the world, and among them was the third generation Mi Band from Xiaomi. The IDC report shows the finished sales volume of this bracelet from the Chinese manufacturer in the amount of almost 25.5 million units. This ensured Xiaomi took 13.5 percent of this market. Last year, the third Mi Band became the second best-selling of all wearable devices, second only to the Apple Watch. The latter had almost 27 percent of the total market last year

Cheap and angry

Due to the success of the Chinese company,that traditionally Xiaomi offers products with the widest functionality, latest technologies at very modest prices. Recently, Xiaomi introduced the fourth generation of the Mi Band on the Chinese market, and the fate of its predecessor did not pass it - it comes out on top of all the company's products. The poster, published by the company in the Weibo network, stated that in just a week plus one day, fourth-generation fitness bracelets had been bought by a million consumers. It turns out that five thousand bracelets were shipped every hour, which is a record for the company; there has never been such speeds, not with a single device

What can a bracelet

The device tracks all physical activity.The user, including recognizes cycling, swimming, regular running and walking. In addition, the bracelet reads the bullets or heart rate of the owner, analyzes and issues warnings. It works as a music player control on a paired smartphone, and it has many more smart features.

One of the features of the fourth generation washigh-quality AMOLED-display with a diagonal of almost 1 inch and a resolution of 120x120. This time it is not monochrome, but color. On top of the display is a layer of protective tempered glass with a 2.5D effect, which protects against chipping and scratching. Also this time, the Chinese installed an NFC chip in the bracelet, but only in one of the complete sets, which costs a little more. This version is intended only for the Middle Kingdom, and NFC is used exclusively for local offline contactless services such as Alipay. With the help of the bracelet, you can pay in all stores of the country, since almost everyone supports this payment system.

Autonomy stayed at two weeksThe bracelet is not afraid of water, and can fall without consequences to a depth of 50 meters, so that swimming in the pool for the device will pass without problems. And another smart bracelet got Bluetooth of the fifth generation, which improves the delivery of music without distortion to wireless headphones.

But the most tempting in the Mi Band, is the ratiocost and quality. With the NFC chip, the model costs only $ 33, while the global version, which is sold all over the world, costs $ 25. Even in Russia, a bracelet can be easily ordered, and will be delivered free of charge. Get a smart bracelet of high quality with wide functionality for less than two thousand rubles, it's just a gift.

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