Xiaomi Mi Band 4: Latest News

Fitness bracelets from Xiaomi have simply taken over the world today. Everywhere you look, every third

The user has a Mi Band on his wrist.The reason for such mass popularity is an excellent set of characteristics combined with a budget price. And, of course, we cannot help but be concerned about the release of Xiaomi Mi Band 4 — the next version of the smart bracelet, which should cause a new wave of popularity. News about this accessory is already actively appearing on the Internet…

Xiaomi Mi Band 4: what is known

The third version of Xiaomi Mi Band was presentedin the summer along with the launch of the Mi 8 line. It became one of the best-selling versions of bracelets on the entire planet. The release of the Mi 9 smartphones couldn’t help but make us think that the Mi Band 4 will be released very soon. However, David Tsui, Yunmi’s CFO, said in his latest interview that the fourth generation Mi Band will definitely be launched in 2019, but not at the earliest. soon. It is reported that its appearance on the market should be expected in late spring or even summer.

According to the latest news, Xiaomi Mi Band 4has passed Bluetooth certification, and a total of two models will be presented — XMSH08HM and XMSH07HM. It appears that the first version refers to the NFC variant, while the second — this is a regular model. Moreover, both versions will support the Bluetooth 5.0 protocol. This means that the data transfer speed will be significantly improved, power consumption will be reduced, and the permissible distance will be increased.

Of course, we all wonder what the new features arewill appear in the Mi Band 4. Cui Dawei didn’t say much about this question, but said that each next generation of Xiaomi bracelets will receive new chips for health monitoring. And the fourth Mi Band is no exception. Hint understood!

Recall that last year's Xiaomi Mi Band 3Supports only Bluetooth 4.2 standard with low power consumption. According to official figures, more than 10 million units were sold worldwide in less than six months. According to IDC statistics, in the fourth quarter of 2018, the global market for wearable devices grew by 31.4%, while Xiaomi ranked second, making up 12.6% of the market. At the same time, Xiaomi is the No. 1 wearable accessory manufacturer at home.