Xiaomi Mi Band 4 officially presented: news review

The company Xiaomi held a bright presentation of new products and presented the long-awaited bracelet Mi Band 4. There are three in the world now

leading wearable device manufacturer isApple, Xiaomi and Huawei. And it is the Chinese company Xiaomi overshadows the Americans selling wrist accessories. And all this thanks to the affordable and at the same time functional line of the Mi Band. A review of the new Mi Band 4 with a detailed description of the new functions and main characteristics is starting right now.

Mi Band 4 Review

Finally, you can put an end to rumors and gossipabout the fourth Mi Band and be content with official information. The new Xiaomi Mi Band 4 received the long-awaited color display, which looks much cooler and more modern than monochrome. Plus, the manufacturer has taken care of protecting the display with premium glass that will provide increased scratch resistance. This is a huge plus, given that the price of the bracelet has remained incredibly low.

Like the third Mi Band, the new version receivedprotection against water with the ability to dive to a depth of 50 meters. Smart watches can track and automatically detect various types of sports activities, ranging from walking to cycling and various swimming styles. Right on your wrist, the bracelet can control your heart rate, plus now you can pay for goods and services with your wrist. However, the latest feature of mobile payments is currently available only in China.

In addition to the above features, wristThe gadget also controls your physical fitness, keeps track of your sleep, reminds you if you stayed late, counts steps, notifies you of new messages and exits, shows the weather and many more other useful things. As the manufacturer assures us, the battery Mi Band 4 will be enough for 20 days of use. For the version with NFC, the indicator is reduced to 15 days.


  • Color AMOLED display 0.95 inches, resolution 120 x 240 pixels, 24 brightness up to 400 nits, 2.5D scratch-resistant glass
  • Microphone for voice assistant
  • Three-axis accelerometer + three-axis gyroscope, capacitive wear control sensor
  • Weight - 22.1 g / 22.2 g (NFC)
  • Ultra light body
  • The possibility of immersion in water up to 50 meters
  • Bluetooth 5.0 LE, NFC (optional)
  • Battery 135 mAh / 125 mAh (for the NFC version)

Price and sales start

The line Xiaomi Mi Band 4 this time looks more diverse. The following colors are available to choose from: black, brown, blue, orange and pink. The price for Mi Band 4 is shown below:

Mi Band 4 (standard version) - 169 yuan (approximately $ 25)

Mi Band 4 NFC version - 229 yuan ($ 33)

Mi Band 4 version Avengers Edition - 349 yuan (50 dollars)

In the US, official sales of new products are unlikely to take place, but one hundred percent importers will sell the bracelet through such trading platforms as eBay and Amazon.