Xiaomi Mi Band 4 Release Date Officially Announced

Xiaomi does not intend to slow down and is actively working on launching new products that will become more and more

during the day they become more and more popular and in demand.The manufacturer has several events planned in June. And they will be dedicated not only to smartphones. The public is waiting for the release of Xiaomi Mi Band 4. And finally, the release date of the new generation smart bracelet has been officially announced.

release date

Xiaomi Mi Band bracelets have become one of the mostsuccessful products on the market. Therefore, the Chinese are ready to continue this line further and launch the accessory of the new generation with some improvements and additions. There have already been rumors on the Web about possible changes in the Mi Band 4. Some of them can already be confirmed thanks to the official teaser, which Xiaomi has published in its Weibo account.

So, the official release date of Xiaomi Mi Band 4scheduled for June 11. One week until release. If you carefully study the teaser, you can immediately confirm the main feature of the new bracelet — color display. Black and white screens are becoming a thing of the past in favor of vibrant color displays.

This also indirectly confirms that the new MiBand 4 will receive an increased battery to increase the battery life of the device. According to rumors, the battery will receive a capacity of 135 mAh instead of 110 mAh.

Of the other popular rumors about the new product, we alsowe already know that the device will receive an improved heart rate monitoring function, superior connectivity thanks to Bluetooth 5.0 support, NFC support (a version without NFC support is also being developed), and support for contactless payments via Mi Pay in India and China.

It is reported that the NFC version will cost 499 yuan(~ $ 72), while the standard version without NFC will cost in the range of 200-300 yuan (~ $ 28-43), but there is no confirmation of this. Follow the news on our resource!