Xiaomi Mi Band 4 Review: New Standard of Fitness Bracelets

The latest generation of Xiaomi smart bracelets - Mi Band 4 - sold a million copies in the first eight days

sales We don’t know how many users of this device there are in the world now, but the very fact of such popularity deserves to take a closer look at the bracelet.

What is the impression Xiaomi Mi Band 4?

Xiaomi is the company to which the world owes.turning smart bracelets into a mass device. Before it, they cost $ 100 +, could not do anything, lied on all counts and were not a symbol of the fact that life was a success. The first Mi Band also did not know how and terribly lied, but it already cost about $ 15 apiece. And thanks to the relatively geeky brand, Xiaomi became really desirable, and it was great to possess them.

Four years have passed since the release of the first model.I’m holding Xiaomi Mi Band 4 (aka Mi Smart Band 4 for the European market) in my hands and I easily recognize it as the company’s first pancake. During this time, Xiaomi bracelets have become more expensive and have acquired a heart rate sensor and a color screen. And most importantly (it was the absence of this thing that made me consider smart bracelets as a class to be a pointless trinket) - it introduced training modes, and the number of false alarms was significantly reduced thanks to a 6-axis sensor, which includes a three-axis acceleration sensor and a three-axis gyroscope.

Despite the internal changes, the external braceletretained the features of the first models. An elongated oval case, a rubber strap with a clasp that can become loose over time. However, we still have to live until that time. On the front there is now a 0.95-inch color AMOLED screen (resolution 120x240 pixels) with 2.5D glass, and the only touch-sensitive “Home” button, which is not physically allocated in any way. On the back is the same heart rate monitor.







Speaking of screen brightness. There is no automatic adjustment, there are five gradations in the menu of the bracelet, and on a particularly sunny day in the summer outside you have to manually unscrew to the maximum. However, with the onset of overcast weather, the average brightness becomes comfortable both indoors and outdoors.

Along with a color screen in the bracelet appeareddials for a different taste, a few dozen pieces (configured via the application). The design here is really different. But I did not like the fact that there is no way to configure what will be displayed on the main screen. I would like to see more information about physical activity, and not just the number of steps or pulse.

The principle of charging has not changed, the gadget needsremove from the bracelet and set in a special capsule. The material of the bracelet seems to have become denser, and it seems that it is harder to stretch it to the state when the gadget falls out of the nest. They say that rubber bracelets from previous generations of trackers for the new model are also suitable, but I did not have the opportunity to check.

Xiaomi Mi Band 4 - this is not about outstanding design. This is about the simplicity and continuity of generations. The device looks utilitarian, the look does not cling to it. His task is to work. And it works. Remember, at the dawn of online reviews, the word workhorse was popular? So this is about the appearance of the Mi Band 4 said.

What can Xiaomi Mi Band 4?

For me, two things are important in any smart bracelet— tracking of different types of activity and sleep monitoring. Of course, you shouldn’t expect scrupulous accuracy from non-specialized solutions like this Mi Band; their data is just a guide. The main thing is that now he has become a little closer to the truth.

Any modern smart bracelet setopportunities are the same. There are several sport modes in which he tracks calories, heart rate, speed and other trivia (in Xiaomi Mi Band 4 there is a cadence, for example, on jogging), sleep monitoring, notifications from the phone, some kind of analytics curve with tips sleep, live and move, heart rate monitor. Differences between bracelets of different brands boil down to who was able to make the most accurate device. For those who are seriously involved in sports, such devices are stupid trinkets. For those who just started to tear themselves from the couch, the most it. And the most important thing in this "it" accuracy. I believe that no one conducted any special comparative tests of inexpensive smart bracelets, but indirectly, the quality factor of the model may indicate:

a) generation (the fresher the better);

b) price taking into account the mark-up for the brand (the more expensive the device, the better the components and the more the company invests in the algorithms, but the brand factor of the mark-up also plays a role);

c) how much the company is working on the releasesmart bracelets and how big is her user base (if she has entered the market and is somehow unpopular, then she hardly has enough experience and data to release something worthwhile).

Xiaomi, according to my observations, in terms of accuracythere are not enough stars from the sky, but it surpasses more accessible competitors, especially in the last generation. The bracelet has more steps than the one I used in parallel. At the same time considers less calories. In an hour of training, the difference can reach one and a half times. Judging by the intensity and sensations of training, further from the truth Mi Band 4.

The bracelet is also able to monitor sleep, but it does nottakes into account nightly awakening And not only those, when you wake up and toil in bed, but when you get up and do something, you walk around the apartment. At the same time, unlike Huawei / Honor, it does not have a “deep sleep” lasting 10 minutes with constant interruptions. Phases look more believable.









In the Mi Fit settings there is a separate item, whereYou can show the bracelet examples of its activity (standing, shaking the press, brushing my teeth, etc.). You can also customize custom vibrations for different events. In my opinion, cool idea.

And this is what the bracelet settings look like whenconnection. By the way, if you buy it, don’t be afraid of the Chinese language in the menu at the very beginning – Once connected, it will prompt you to select your country, language, and metric system.










Right in the bracelet, you can start the timer,stopwatch, alarm clock (from the options pre-installed in the application), change skins, adjust the display brightness, view notifications, find out the number of steps, distance, calories, sleep duration without details, measure heart rate. The set is fairly standard, if not counting a really convenient timer where you can set the minutes and seconds.

Another feature that appeared in this model -this is music management. At first, I constantly forgot that there is such a function in the bracelet. But if you get used to it, then you simply forget about the other options.

It seemed to me that in Xiaomi were not toopuzzled by easy navigation through the bracelet menu and application. On the way to training regimes or viewing the daily summary, you could have cut at least one step, and in the application there is not very much in the section with a general summary of information; for details you need to go to “My status” or “My training”. But there is already something to think about. In Xiaomi, they did not reinvent the wheel with “useful tips” based on data on activity and sleep, after all, the gadget and not nearly medical. But there is a detailed comparison with its results on other days, with other users (it adds motivation to be more active and go to bed on time), detailed information about distance, pulse and calories burned at certain periods of time. I liked that the application shows how much gas the user saves thanks to walking, and how much fat is burned with calories. I didn’t like that here, as in most other fitness trackers, you can set goals by the number of steps or weight, but not by the number of calories burned from the activity.
















I do not know whether it appeared in this model orearlier, but I noted for myself that now in the settings of the bracelet there is an option that allows you to connect it to another phone without disconnecting from it. At one time, I lost Mi Band 2 due to the fact that my smartphone was stolen, and after that the bracelet turned into a pumpkin. Now this can be avoided. Since the payment application with this device does not work (there is support for AliPay, but this is a celebration of life not for our country), this does not carry additional risks.

And what about the battery?

Xiaomi bracelets have always been famous for their time.battery life, and this model is no exception. The capacity of the battery Mi Band 4 is 135 mAh. For 10 days of use in the most aggressive mode, with constant tracking of the pulse and detailed monitoring of sleep, the bracelet consumed half the charge. The manufacturer promises up to 20 days of work in a sparing mode. Usually these numbers are a bit overpriced. But for some reason, the intermediate result exceeds expectations. Perhaps the fact is that I try to keep a minimum of alerts from the applications on the bracelet.

What are the alternatives?

In the Ukrainian market there is a huge amountalternatives to a different wallet. In my opinion, completely affordable models of unknown brands should not be taken into account. The reasons I described above, accuracy raises even more questions. However, it is not necessary to lay out a large amount for a fitness tracker, if this is your first purchase. There is a basic set of features here.

At the start of sales, Xiaomi Mi Band 4 will cost1300 UAH, the closest competitor is Honor Band 4. The bracelets are very close in capabilities and in price (the difference is about 100 UAH). According to my feelings, the Honor Band 4 has higher accuracy and a more convenient menu, as well as a more reliable strap, a “smart alarm clock” and a brighter screen. On the side of Xiaomi - price, autonomy, more convenient timer and music management. Unfortunately, none of these bracelets in Ukraine have contactless payment, and this would be a significant argument in favor of the purchase.

Huawei and Samsung have similarcharacteristics, but more expensive models. They are more expensive than one and a half to two, depending on the device, and this surcharge is not only for the opportunities, but also for the brand. Samsung (Fit and Galaxy Fit E models) has a more advanced S Health app, where you can also keep track of your menus, and Huawei (Band 3 Pro and Band 2 Pro) has built-in GPS and camera control.

In the dry residue

Xiaomi got an interesting update of itsultra popular smart bracelets. Mi Band 4 can be called a new standard for the industry of low-end fitness trackers, it has exactly the set of possibilities from which to begin acquaintance with this class of devices and which will be enough for a beginner. Also, this model is a good upgrade option for those who use the first-generation smart bracelet.

4 reasons to buy Xiaomi Mi Band 4:

  • long battery life;
  • excellent value for money;
  • new additional functions (timer, music management, etc.);
  • You are a fan of smart bracelets of this particular brand and have already accumulated a large amount of data in the Mi Fit application

2 reasons not to buy Xiaomi Mi Band 4:

  • low sensitivity when monitoring sleep and high sensitivity when monitoring activity;
  • You need a more advanced device.

Fitness bracelet Xiaomi Mi Band 4

Distinguished leader of sales among fitness bracelets

In the fourth version of the most popular in the worldThe fitness bracelet has a color OLED display and the ability to control the music player in the phone. The bracelet is able to measure the pulse and supports with the help of the proprietary application Mi Fit various workouts, including running, treadmill, swimming and cycling.

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Specifications bracelet Xiaomi MiBand 4

Capsule dimensions
20 mm

Bracelet weight
22 g

touch, 0.95″, OLED, 240x120, 24-bit color, brightness 400 nits

Wrist strap
155-216 mm, width 18 mm

Protection class
protection against water with pressure up to 5 atmospheres

Bluetooth version

lithium polymer, 135 mAh

Charging / working time
d 2 hours / up to 20 days

Android 4.4 / iOS 9.0 and above

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