Xiaomi Mi Band 4 Smart Bracelet Officially Unveiled

Chinese electronics manufacturer Xiaomi has officially unveiled the fourth generation of its smart bracelet

Mi Band.Fitness bracelets have recently been very much ahead of their counterparts in popularity - smartwatches.And no wonder, the watch is not an accessory that can compete with smart bracelets in terms of functionality.In fact, the watch has only one function – to show the watch, although, in fact, it masks the function of showing the status of the owner.You can't ride in a watch in training, you can't swim in a pool, it's a completely different level.

Mi Band Versions

As for the novelty, the Mi Band is offered inthree versions: basic version with NFC module, as well as a limited version of the Avengers - Avengers Edition. A limited version received the original design of the screen with a strap, as well as stylized as a superhero saga packaging.


The main thing for each bracelet is its screen, andhere it has a very high diagonal quality of almost an inch, the AMOLED matrix has a resolution of 240x120, there is an oleophobic coating. In general, the screen has become larger than the previous generation, and a larger margin of brightness is also announced. Autonomy for up to twenty days is provided by a 135 mAh battery, and in the version with NFC, the battery is 125 mAh.

Of course, such devices can not do withoutprotection from water and dust, and the new generation received such protection, and enhanced. Now with a bracelet you can easily swim and even snorkel and dive. At the same time, the maximum ceilings are larger than the average person uses, so the depth that the bracelet holds is 50 meters below the surface. Lovers are allowed to dive with a scuba gear no deeper than 40 meters.

What can

Tracks the nature of the movements, the sensor thatmonitors it and the software has been seriously upgraded. The accelerometer with a gyroscope is now working on six axes, divided into three per sensor. Also updated heart rate monitor (heart rate monitor). Now the bracelet can be used as an external control panel for the music player on your smartphone. Full control, including change tracks, change the volume, stop, start and pause.

In addition, the novelty can work assmart alarm clock, which is able to monitor the sleep phase, and then produce the results, what phases are not enough for a complete rest. There is a function to receive notifications when messages or incoming calls arrive on the smartphone. Bracelet supports voice commands to control and search on your smartphone. Bluetooth at the gadget is now the fifth generation, can be aggregated with smartphones on Android from version 4.4 and iOS from version 9.

The price of the initial version of the novelty is about 25dollars, the NFC version costs $ 33. Moreover, in addition to the NFC module itself, the middle model has added AI technologies, which allows you to communicate with the bracelet and smartphone through the bracelet in an ordinary voice. As a standard contactless payment out of the box, only Alipay works. It is unlikely that someone outside the Middle Kingdom is able to use it. In Russia, the price of the basic version is 1.580 rubles, the older model is 2140 rubles.

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